We check more thoroughly to give you peace of mind.
Each appliance is disconnected from the power and carefully inspected for damage. This includes the plug, damage to the cord or lead insulation, as well as damage or missing safety guards from tools and appliances.
Our qualified technicians will then test your required equipment, leads, power boards, tools & RCD'S, to ensure you comply with the required safety regulations for your business or work site. Using the most advanced portable appliance tester currently available, we check for possible dangers that cannot be seen by the human eye, such as damage to the insulation, faulty earth, incorrect polarity, as well as electronically checking the functionality and trip time of RCD’S. We can also stress test* tools to find any hidden damage or faults in your tools to ensure their safety.

We can replace power leads, replace faulty sockets and plugs on leads onsite*, ensuring you can continue to work safely.

Once the device is passed it will have a Safety Check Test and Tag sticker applied, which will indicate the test date, along with the next required test date, and all information required by AS/NZS3760:2010 standards and WorkCover NSW, we keep a record of all items tested and email a copy for your records, we can also supply and update log books as required.

As an added service we can also test microwave ovens for radiation leaks, adding further protection to you and your employees.
Discounted pricing for 25 or more items of $3.90 with lower prices for 50 or more.
We are always willing to work with you to fit in with your needs and are more than happy to test during your opening hours, or after hours if you wish to minimise any disruption to your workplace.
     * Stress testing is an extra $1.10 per tool, and cost of replacement of lead plugs and sockets, varies depending on amperage of sockets, time required etc.